The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Faith Over Fear // Runners

$30.00 USD

Introducing the 'Faith Over Fear Runners Shorts', designed to inspire confidence and courage during your workouts. These shorts are made with high-quality materials to ensure comfort and durability, allowing you to focus on your fitness goals without any distractions. The sleek design and bold slogan make these shorts a stylish addition to your active wear collection.

Whether you're hitting the gym or going for a run, the 'Faith Over Fear Runners Shorts' will keep you motivated and empowered. The elastic waistband provides a secure fit, while the breathable fabric helps you stay cool and dry during intense workouts. With these shorts, you can conquer your fears and push yourself to new limits.

Don't let fear hold you back - embrace it with the 'Faith Over Fear Runners Shorts'. Elevate your athletic performance and mindset with these empowering shorts that remind you to have faith in yourself. Step up your fitness game and show the world that you are fearless and determined.